Grants for Spaying & Neutering Dogs

Updated May 30, 2018

Each year, millions of dogs die in animal shelters across the country due to lack of homes, or because of behavioural or health issues. Spaying or neutering is one guaranteed method to help reduce the unwanted dog population. Grants are available for both public and non-profit animal welfare organisations to pay for these surgeries.

DJ & T Foundation

Founded by animal advocate and "The Price is Right" host Bob Barker, the DJ&T Foundation funds spay and neuter services for companion dogs, defined as pets owned by someone, not shelter dogs. Non-profit humane organisations that provide spaying and neutering to the public may apply for the grant. Emphasis is on spaying and neutering large to medium-size dogs, with 70 per cent of grant monies going to these animals and the remaining 30 per cent targeted toward small dogs and puppies weighing less than 17.7 Kilogram.

Meow Bow Wow Fund

The Meow Bow Wow Fund, established by WellPet USA, provides reimbursement funds for non-profit animal rescue organisations for spaying and neutering of adoptable dogs and cats, as well as vaccinations. Eligible spay/neuter-related expenses include medication, anaesthesia and veterinary care. Only those non-profit organisations with contributions of £16,250 or less per year may apply. In addition, the organisations must "be committed to reducing the unwanted animal population by supporting the spaying and neutering of adoptable companion animals."

Petco Foundation

Through its 4 Rs Project Support grant, this foundational wing of the nationwide pet store company funds spaying and neutering. It thus fulfils one of the 4 Rs, for Reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats. Non-profit 501(c)3 organisations should submit a letter of inquiry for the grant, and a decision on application eligibility should be received within two weeks. If approved and a completed application is submitted, the review process for the grant takes between two and three months.

Pet Haven Inc. of Minnesota

Pet Haven Inc. of Minnesota provides grants to non-profit 501(c)3 animal welfare and rescue groups for the spaying and neutering of dogs in their care. Besides the actual surgeries, funds may be used for examinations prior to surgery, emergency situations relating to surgery, and surgery-related pain management. Services provided by organisations at the time of the surgery, such as microchipping or vaccinations, are not included.

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