Can a short circuited iPod be fixed?

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Can a short circuited iPod be fixed?
Drying an iPod on rice is one of the many methods people try. (Courtesy of Steven Depolo)

A creation of Apple Inc., the iPod currently comes in four forms. They are the iPod Nano, the iPod Shuffle, the iPod Classic, and the iPod Touch. When an iPod short circuits, the results are very disastrous. The most common cause of short circuiting in an iPod is accidental exposure to water. If the device is switched on when it comes into contact with water, short circuiting can occur.

Short circuits

Short circuiting, as a result of water exposure, is a common problem in electronic devices. A circuit operates optimally according to the level of electric current that runs through it. iPods are designed to ensure they are not damaged by excessive current. This is termed resistance. Water, as a medium, however, is almost resistance-free. When an iPod gets wet, electrons surge through the water. With no resistance to the excess current, the circuit shorts.

Water damage

When an iPod has been exposed to water, a number of steps must be taken to determine if the device has short circuited. If it is switched on, then turn it off. If the iPod is already off, do not turn it on. Quickly and completely dry the outside of the device. No attempt should be made to turn a wet iPod back on until its interior has dried out. Doing so will significantly increase the possibility of short circuiting.

Interior caution

Do not try and dry the interior of an iPod by taking it apart. Any attempt to open an iPod immediately, and automatically, nullifies the terms of Apple Inc.'s warranty. Instead, place the device in a hot and dry environment. Allow it to remain there for around a week. This will provide sufficient time for any internal parts of the iPod that were exposed to water to completely dry out. After the iPod has fully dried, turn it back on.

iPod warranty

If the iPod works when switched on, you have had a lucky escape. Your iPod has not been short circuited. If the device fails to work, then damage has occurred. A short circuited iPod can be fixed. Unfortunately, repairing an iPod is a costly task. The Apple, Inc. warranty does not cover all forms of water damage. You may have to incur all the costs for parts and labour. For that reason, the best option is to purchase a new iPod and learn from the experience.

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