The fastest residential dishwashers

Since kitchen storage space is limited, you need a fast dishwasher if you have a large family or entertain frequently. Although standard dishwashers are programmed for short-cycle cleaning, most of these cycles sacrifice sanitisation in favour of speed. However, several appliance manufacturers have overcome this problem, either with sensors that interrupt the wash cycle when the load is bacteria-free, or by preheating the water prior to use.


The Samsung DMT800RHS combines speed with sanitisation with its state-of-the-art optimum wash sensor. Instead of the machine running a predetermined cycle, the sensor tells when the load is bacteria-free, stops the wash and switches to the drying cycle. In addition to speeding up the wash, it saves money by consuming less energy and water.


Turkish appliance maker Arcelik claims to have developed the world’s fastest dishwasher with their model 6271 E. The machine is programmed for a normal 12 place setting capacity that washes a full load in under an hour. However, its fast Super Mini 20-minute program is limited to a smaller load consisting of six place settings.


Although Bosch do not publish dishwasher programme times, they claim that their “Speed Perfect” system reduces washing time by up to 50 percent -- without sacrificing cleansing power. In addition, washing half a load reduces the cycle time even further. The Speed Perfect system is an optional extra aimed at busy households or for hosts that entertain frequently.


Siemens claim their all new speedMatic series are the most efficient dishwashers produced so far. These appliances incorporate a revolutionary Zeolite Drying system that turns moisture into energy. In addition, they say the varioSpeed cycle cuts normal washing and drying times in half – with only slightly compromising sanitisation.


Although Thermidor’s newest Star-Sapphire™ dishwasher carries a manufacturer suggested retail price of over £1,300, it is the fastest full-load washing machine on the market. According to Yahoo! Finance, “The Star-Sapphire's StarSpeed is the industry's fastest full-wash hot water cycle, clocking in at 20 minutes". This makes the StarSpeed ideal for a large household or for multi-course dinner parties.

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