Children's Wooden Toys to Make

Written by scott levin | 13/05/2017
Children's Wooden Toys to Make
Wooden toys, like dollhouses, can be homemade with the right materials. (Martin Poole/Lifesize/Getty Images)

Making wooden toys at home can save money and let you add your own personal design. It is also a chance for kids to get an introduction to craft making. No matter how much experience you have in woodworking, there are a variety of toys to make, from basic building blocks to extensive pull wagons.


Children's Wooden Toys to Make
Make your own wooden blocks with letters or numbers on them. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Many toddlers start out by playing with toy wooden blocks. These can be used for simply building small structures, or they can serve an educational purpose with letters and numbers. Buy wooden blocks in the size you desire. Use sandpaper to smooth the surfaces. Add designs or letters by painting or gluing on sheets of paper.

People and Places

Children's Wooden Toys to Make
Wooden animals can be made with some sanded wood and art supplies. ( Images)

Creating small toy worlds is another use for wood. Miniature animals, creatures or people can be crafted by carving, sanding and gluing small pieces of wood together. Use paint or markers for faces and designs on the animals. Those looking for a challenge may choose to create a wooden dollhouse for the miniature people to live in. These can be as simple as four wooden boards glued together in a square, or you can carve and craft little intricacies into the wood.


Children love having a wooden wagon to pull around and transport other toys. With a few pieces of plywood, you can craft the basket of the wagon. Add some wheels and a handle to complete this useful wooden toy.

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