Spanish crafts to make

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether you are teaching a classroom full of children, or learning something new with your kids at home, crafts for kids are an excellent way to engage children in the lesson. Spanish crafts for kids can help children learn about different countries, cultures and introduce them to a new language.

Geography Crafts

More than 20 nations that speak Spanish worldwide. For a geography project, have kids colour flags of Spanish-speaking nations. Alternately, make a world map, either by drawing one on poster board or using a salt dough. Have children colour in the Spanish-speaking nations all the same colour to help them understand how widespread this language is.

Language Crafts

Learning Spanish can be a challenge, and having reminders of Spanish words around them is one of the best ways to help kids absorb it. Have them make pictures and label things in Spanish. For example, colour a rainbow and write the names of the colours in Spanish. Draw and colour a face and have kids label the features in Spanish. Make a big poster of a kitchen and label all the things in it.

Folk Art Crafts

There are many different Spanish-speaking cultures from which to draw. Folk art crafts engage kids in learning about different cultures. Make papel picado, the famous colourful cut paper decorations from Mexico. Paint a folding fan as a traditional flamenco fan from Spain. Almost every Spanish culture has its own unique pottery; research the pottery of one culture and paint similar designs on terracotta flower pots or papier mache vases.

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