Moses Basket Crafts

Updated November 21, 2016

Exodus tells the story of Moses, the baby whose parents sent him down a river in a basket to escape execution. Moses was found by Pharaoh's daughter and became part of Pharaoh's household. Studying the plight of baby Moses is a popular Bible study topic for preschool and elementary age children. The story is entertaining and simple to build a lesson and crafts around.

Preschool Age Children

A simple baby Moses craft that a preschool child can make uses card stock to construct a simple basket with a handle. Colour a picture of a baby and wrap it a piece of scrap cloth to create a baby Moses to place in the basket.

Lower Elementary Age Children

A more challenging craft good for older children involves lacing together pieces of card stock to create Moses's basket. Colour the baby's face and glue it to the plate. The completed craft shows baby Moses peaking over the basket.

Upper Elementary Age Children

Basket weaving was a common skill in Moses' time. Provide the children with templates to use to cut out strips of brown construction paper. Show them how to weave and glue the strips together to make a paper basket. Finish the basket with a construction paper handle.

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