How to Print on Velvet

Updated February 21, 2017

Velvet is soft, beautiful and can be used for many decorating purposes such as making pillows, clothing and hair accessories, scarves and just about anything else you can think of. It's a versatile fabric that comes in many colours. Make plain velvet even more spectacular by using stamps and other items to print on the velvet with an iron. Customising your velvet can add something special to your velvet crafts.

Place the stamp with the rubber impression facing upwards on the ironing board.

Heat the iron to medium heat, but turn off the steam function.

Place the velvet, face down, on to the stamp. Make sure the stamp will print exactly where you'd like it to on the fabric.

Spray enough water on to the back of the fabric to make it slightly damp, but don't oversaturate it. A few spritzes is plenty.

Press the iron down on to the fabric and stamp. Do not move the iron; leave it clamped down on the stamp for 30 seconds, then remove it. Peel the velvet up to check the impression that was left.


Emboss velvet using this technique but instead of a fabric stamp, use a sheet of lace or anything else with raised designs on it. Velvet that is made up of rayon and acetate will hold prints better than nylon velvet. Do not wash velvet that has been printed; dry clean the materials only.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric stamps or lace
  • Iron with mister, or separate spray bottle of water
  • Ironing board
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