How to install clips on wire mesh fencing

Woven or welded wire or wire mesh fencing is typically used to keep livestock such as sheep, goats and alpacas in a certain area while keeping predators out. Typically, the fence is installed on wooden or metal T-posts and secured with fence staples or metal clips. Metal clips can be awkward to twist around the wire fence and metal post, but they hold the fence in place well and can be attached quickly once you get the hang of it.

Unroll your wire fencing at the base of the posts.

Lift the wire fencing so it's vertical against the fence post. Have a partner pull back on the fence to keep it tight while you secure it to the post.

Start at the bottom of your fence and place clips at the bottom, middle and top.

Thread one of your fence clips through the fence and hook it onto a cross-section of wire or bend it in place using a pair of pliers, if it's not already bent.

Wrap the rest of the clip around the back of the T-post -- the portion facing you -- and then thread it through the wire on the other side and bend it in place with the pliers.

Add other clips to the fence as needed to secure it.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire fence clips
  • Pliers
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