How to Decorate a School Hall

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you are planning for an event held in your school or working with your school's committee to decorate the school's halls -- you have various theme options and ways to do so with a bit of planning and creativity. Using party supplies, craft items and your own handmade decorations, you have the ability to create any theme possible.

Plan the details of the hall you are decorating, such as choosing a colour scheme or overall theme for the hallway. If your school has a specific theme to decorate with, write colours that go with the theme as well as specific items that will hang on the walls or highlight the theme. Some school themes include "Diamonds are Forever" (or any elegant set-up), "Summer Fun" (or seasonal themes) or a holiday-specific theme along with traditional school spirit and colour decorations.

Determine the amount of space you are working with when decorating the hall, including the length and height of the walls. This will help when purchasing and measuring the decorations required to complete your hall plans.

Create a list including the specific decorations you will need for the hallway along with your decorating budget to keep better track of your finances while shopping. Decorations may range from decorative wall paper to cardboard cutouts and letters that are relevant to the event you are celebrating or the area of the school in which you are working. Colourful balloons, posters and signs are all suitable additions to a school hallway.

Draw the desired result of the hallway you are decorating using paper to visualise the decorations you will need as well as the placement of each item once you are ready to begin decorating. This will help organise the decorations once you purchase them.

Purchase the hallway decorations by shopping at a classroom supply outlet or party supplies shop, depending on your location as well as the theme you have chosen to use in the hall. Gather all the decorations and organise them before you begin setting the hallway up.

Use your own drawing to help base your decorations off of, hanging coloured wall paper or notice boards first, followed by signs and large letters for information or direction.

Add stickers and card stock cutouts of butterflies, insects or your school mascot on top of the wallpaper (or the hallway itself) to add decoration and colour to the hall.

Tie balloons or tape ribbon to the wall decorations or notice boards to complete the hall's look if you are decorating for a specific event. This will draw more attention to the hallway -- but it will also add life to the overall atmosphere as well.


Use a customised notice board in the hallway you are decorating to share news and information related to upcoming events or classes near the area.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardstock
  • Coloured paper
  • Stickers
  • Tape
  • Notice board
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