How to Write a Parole Letter for Release for My Father

Updated November 21, 2016

Support letters are one of the most important factors in a parole decision. Studies have shown that having an involved and supportive family can dramatically decrease the rate of recidivism. If your father is being considered for parole, a strongly written letter of support can dramatically sway the outcome of the hearing.

Write a brief paragraph which explains and clarifies your relationship with your father. Be as specific as possible. Explain any particular or special aspects of your relationship.

Write two to three paragraphs describing the care plan for your father once he leaves prison. This is the most critical section of the letter. The parole board will want to hear about any support systems which are in place, including educational, financial, vocational and relationship support.

Write a short closing paragraph which summarises your letter. Include all relevant contact information in case the parole board has questions or needs clarification.


Your entire letter should not be longer than one page. Be clear, but be brief. Only send one copy of your letter. Do not send the letter to individual board members.

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