How to Get Rid of Ant Bites

Updated February 21, 2017

Ant bites may be one of the most painful types of insect bites, especially if you are bitten several times at once. Let's look at how to get rid of ant bites with simple things you probably have at home.

Get rid of ant bites by applying heat to the bites. While cold packs or ice cubes are usually recommended, surprisingly heat may help more in some people. Heat may help because it acts to neutralize a chemical in the ant venom that causes inflammation. Turn on your hair dryer and point the air stream at your ant bites.

Use an aspirin tablet to help get rid of ant bites. Aspirin contains properties that neutralize certain kinds of inflammatory chemicals. Put a little cool water over the bites first to moisten the area. Then, take an aspirin tablet and rub it into the ant bites.

Think about household ammonia as another way to get rid of ant bites. Ammonia doesn't work for everyone, but some people find it quite effective. Just dab a little bit of ammonia on the ant bites with a cotton ball or tissue. If ammonia works for you, you should feel instant relief.

Put some Adolph's or McCormick's meat tenderizer on the ant bites. These name brands seem to work best when you use meat tenderizer to get rid of ant bites. Enzymes in the meat tenderizer work to break down proteins in ant venom and cause the venom to lose its punch quickly.

Act quickly when you use any of the above methods to get rid of ant bites. The faster you react, the more likely these remedies work.

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