How to Detect Eldar Units in "Warhammer Dark Crusade"

Written by anthony hare
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Eldar units in "Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War: Dark Crusade" specialise in stealth infiltration. This makes some of their units, such as ranger squads, permanently invisible. Changes to the game made in the "Dark Crusade" expansion have made it possible for cloaked units to shoot and capture strategic points, leaving your troops vulnerable to fire without a chance to retaliate. Each race can overcome this issue with its specialist detector units that can uncloak hidden targets.

Skill level:
Moderately Easy


  1. 1

    Build a detector unit for your race. Detector units for each race include Space Marine librarians, Necron scarabs, Tau pathfinders, Imperial Guard psykers, Ork big meks, Chaos Space Marine cultists and the Eldar Seer Council.

  2. 2

    Move the detector unit to the area you suspect the cloaked Eldar units will appear, such as a chokepoint on the map or a route to your base.

  3. 3

    Wait until the Eldar units walk into your line of sight. They will appear uncloaked as soon as they walk into your detector unit's field of vision.

Tips and warnings

  • Defensive structures, such as heavy bolter turrets and gauss turrets, can also detect cloaked units. Deploy them around your base to set up a defensive line.
  • Keep a detector unit with your squads when they are outside your base to thwart Eldar stealth ambushes.
  • Eldar buildings can also cloak themselves. You will not be able to attack cloaked buildings unless you have a detector unit to reveal them.

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