How to Fit a Banjo Strap

Updated February 21, 2017

Instruments similar to modern banjos can be traced to many ancient regions of the world, including Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. The first banjos witnessed by Europeans were played by Africans who brought the instruments along to the European colonies that enslaved them. Although it is most often associated with American folk, country and bluegrass music, the banjo continues to be played in many different musical genres throughout the world. Regardless of their preferred musical genres, most banjo players prefer properly fitted straps, which ensure the instruments sit at comfortable heights while they are being played.

Place your banjo on your lap with the neck pointing in the same direction used when playing the instrument. Place the strap around your neck. Arrange the strap so that it lies over your left shoulder, underneath your right arm and down to the banjo.

Wrap the ends of the banjo strap around the underside of the banjo. Pull the strap so that the ends overlap underneath the banjo. Move the length adjuster of the strap until the banjo appears to sit at a comfortable height beneath you.

Remove any laces from the ends of the banjo strap. Insert one end of the banjo strap through the second bracket from the neck of the banjo. Lace this strap in and out of several more brackets, until you are at the approximate location of the bottom of the banjo, which faces the ground during play.

Lace the other end of the strap through the first open bracket that sits beside the tailpiece bracket of the banjo. Lace this end of the strap in and out of the brackets until it meets the other end of the strap. The two ends should be located within the same bracket.

Press the ends of the strap together. Insert the laces through the holes found on the ends of the straps. Lace them tightly together, as if you were lacing up a pair of shoes. Tuck the laced strap ends into the nearby brackets of the banjo to keep them out of sight.

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