How to Set Up a Dreambox

Updated February 21, 2017

Dreambox is a type of receiver used for cable and satellite television primarily used in European countries. The German Dreambox uses Linux software and comes with a PowerPC processor and Ethernet port. Before a Dreambox is ready to use for watching all of the various television channels available through cable or satellite, you must first complete the set-up process.

Choose the "PAL" TV system using the left and right arrows on the remote to move through the choices on the "TV System Wizard" screen. Then, choose "Save."

Select the language you would like your system to use, "English" or "Deutsch." Move through the choices by using the arrow on the remote and press "OK."

Browse the list of time zone preferences and choose your time zone in the "Time Zone Setup" screen. Press "Save" after you make your choice.

Press the "Exit" button on the remote until you get to the next screen.

Push the "Blue" button on the remote control and go into "Extras/Settings."

Choose "Satellites.xml Loader" and select "Asia & South Pacific." Then press "OK" on the remote.

Scroll down the menu, click on "Optus C1 at (156.OE)" and press "Exit" one time.

Press the "Green" button on the remote control. Select "Yes" to reboot your Dreambox.

Press "Menu" on the remote and go to "Setup." Select "Service Searching" and "Next." Open "Satellite Configuration," select the "Non-Standard User Defined Configuration," "OptusD1 (156.OE)," click on "LNB 0" and exit by pressing "Exit" on the remote just once.

Click on "Manual Transponder Scan" and place a check mark beside "Lock," "Sync" and "Network Search." Then, press the "Green" button on the remote control.

Press "OK" when the scan is complete and select "No" when it asks to scan again. Exit this screen by pressing "Exit" on the remote.

Press the remote's blue button and go to "Addons." Select "Download and Install" and click on "CAM." Download "CCcam-2.0.4" by clicking on it and selecting "Yes" to allow the addon to be installed.

Press "Exit" and use the right remote arrow to go to "CCcam-2.0.4." Click on "Start/Restart Cam."

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