How Do I Unhide My Relationship Status on Facebook?

Written by maya walker | 13/05/2017
How Do I Unhide My Relationship Status on Facebook?
You can alter your Facebook privacy settings at any time. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Unhiding your relationship status on Facebook allows others to see whether you are currently in a relationship and with whom. Facebook allows users to alter privacy settings to only share information with certain groups. Depending on your preferences, you can opt to only allow friends or friends of friends to view your profile. You can also elect to leave certain aspects of your profile open to any visitors to your profile.

Log in to your Facebook account.

Click "Account" in the upper-right of the window, then click "Privacy Settings."

Click "Customize Settings" to view your current privacy settings.

Change the "Relationships" drop-down menu to "Everyone," "Friends Only" or "Friends of Friends" to unhide your status and allow select groups to view your relationship status.

Click "Preview My Profile" to view how your profile will appear to visitors.

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