How to Make a Dream Catcher Out of Willow

Capture your nightmares in a handmade willow dream catcher. Willow is a flexible material that can be bent into a circular form. According to Native American legend, if you hang your dream catcher from a bedroom doorway or ceiling, it will snag all your bad dreams in its tangles. The dream catcher allows good dreams to pass through its weavings and slide down the feathers. A handmade willow dream catcher ensures sweet dreams will be had by all.

Twist the willow branch into a circle that has the diameter of a salad plate, weaving the ends of the branches around each other to secure.

Tie the yarn at one spot on the willow circle with a knot. String the yarn from the knot across the circle to the edge of the willow circle about 4-inches away from the starting knot. Wrap the yarn around the circle once or tie a knot to secure the yarn. String the yarn across the circle again to a spot about 4 inches away from the second knot and wrap or tie the string to secure. Repeat this process until you have achieved a web of yarn around the inside edge of the willow circle. You should have an open area in the centre in the yarn web.

String three pony beads on a 4-inch length of yarn and tie one end of the yarn to a feather and the other end to an edge of the willow circle. Repeat two more times.

Tie a 6-inch loop of yarn to the completed willow dream catcher to hang it from a nail in a doorway or ceiling.


Floral wire can be used to help secure the willow circle, if needed.

Things You'll Need

  • 36-inch-long willow branch with the diameter of a pencil
  • Skein of yarn
  • Scissors
  • Nine pony beads
  • Three feathers
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