How to Hang an Angled Joist

Updated February 21, 2017

An angled joist refers to a hanger that is used during the installation of a deck. Angled joists are similar to regular joist hangers, only they are set up at a slight angle. They are used for joists to sit in when they run into the house or another deck board. Sometimes the joist needs to be set up at a slight angle. An angled bracket helps solidify the joist in place and make the deck that much more secure in the process.

Inspect the joists where they meet the ledger or other outside board. Look at it straight on and determine if the angle is going to the left or right. Repeat the process for all of the other joists on the deck so the proper number of each angled joist bracket can be purchased.

Slide the first angled joist bracket under the joist and verify it is the proper side angle. Push it up firmly against the board behind it and screw it into place with decking screws.

Insert a decking screw into each of the pre-drilled holes on the angled joist bracket. Hold it in place with your non-dominant hand and insert the screws with your dominant hand using a power drill.

Move on to the next angled joist and repeat the same process. Continue in the same manner all the way around the deck until all the joists are secure with angled joist brackets.

Things You'll Need

  • Angled joist brackets
  • Decking screws
  • Power drill
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