How to Hook Up Four Horses to a Wagon

Updated April 17, 2017

Horse-drawn wagons, also called buggies, are still used in city parks and on some family farms. Buggies can have one, two, three or four horses pulling them. It's important to know how to hook up a four horses harness to a wagon, as a team of horses is necessary to pull larger wagons with heavy loads. Should your horses separate from the wagon, it's bad news for everyone involved. The correct term for hooking up a team of horses to a wagon is "harnessing up."

Attach your harness to the sides of four horse collars.

Place the collars on the horses.

Run the length of your back straps down the horses' spines. Buckle the straps to the harness.

Hook your britchens to the back straps, ensuring they cover your horses' hips. Run pole straps between the horse's front legs before linking to the neck yoke straps and back straps.

Place the bits into your horses' mouths.

Attach bridles.

Place check straps behind ears of each horse.

Affix driving reins to each side of each horse's bit.

Link harness tugs and connecting shafts to affix the horses to your wagon.

Things You'll Need

  • Wagon
  • Collars
  • Harness
  • Britchens
  • Back straps
  • Pole straps
  • Neck yoke straps
  • Bridles with bits
  • Driving reins
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