How Do I Treat My Shaved Head?

Not all men are naturally bald; therefore, they must shave their head to achieve the look. In addition to shaving your head properly, there are daily and weekly maintenance requirements to keep the scalp in tip-top shape. Knowing what products work for your shaved head will help you if a problem arises, such as sunburn. Keep the scalp looking shiny and new with the proper maintenance schedule.

Shampoo your scalp every day to maintain the natural oils that the scalp produces. If not, small red bumps may appear. Choose a mild shampoo that is acid-based, which is milder than a traditional shampoo that contains alkaline.

Exfoliate the scalp one to two times a week to remove dead skin cells. Like the rest of your body, the scalp will regenerate skin cells that will need to be exfoliated to prevent ingrown hairs. Purchase a mild skin exfoliate that is formulated for the face or scalp.

Moisturise your scalp in the shower and out of the shower. Purchase a moisturising conditioner to rub on the scalp after the shampoo. This will help the scalp retain moisture. Scalps that are not moisturised may become dry and flaky, which leads to itching.

Apply a daily moisturiser with SPF to the scalp after the shower. The moisturiser should be mild and for the face or scalp. Use fingers to rub the lotion into the skin.

Massage the scalp once a week for three to four minutes. A good head massage, which can be done by yourself or a professional, will bring blood flow to the area, sooth nerves and relax your muscles. Massage the scalp with the balls of your fingertips, in an upward motion, applying firm pressure.


Wear a hat in the warmer months to prevent sunburn. Apply aloe to the scalp if the area burns or becomes overheated due to the sun.

Things You'll Need

  • Shampoo
  • Exfoliate scrub
  • Conditioner
  • Daily moisturiser
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