How to convert dry ounces to cup measurement

Updated July 20, 2017

Dry ounces are a measure of weight. They are most commonly used on the packaging of food sold in grocery stores. Cups are a measurement of volume. Cup measures are most commonly used in recipes. Since each unit is a different measurement of a property of food, there is not a direct conversion from one to the other. In order to convert the units, a third property known as "density" must be known. Each food has its own unique density.

Locate the density of the food. Food density charts can be found online.

Ensure that the density is in ounces per cup. If it is not, use a conversion tool to acquire the correct units.

Multiply the number of dry ounces by the food's density. The result is the number of cups.

Navigate to a weight to volume converter online.

Choose a food from the "Substance" list. Or, enter the density of the food in the "Density" box and choose the correct units of density from the drop down menu.

Choose "Ounce [Weight]" from the "From This" list. Choose "Cup [US]" from the "To This" list.

Press "Calculate." The result is displayed in the "Result" box.

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