How to Deal With Rude and Disrespectful People

Updated February 21, 2017

Dealing with difficult people can be frustrating at times, and seem to drain your energy. Although rude people appear to be present in almost every location visited, there are steps you can take to deal with rude and disrespectful behaviour. Using positive communication skills and assertiveness helps keep rude manners displayed by others at bay and prevent negative behaviour from ruining a good day as well.

Express kindness when dealing with a rude person. Often times people express feelings of anger or unhappiness toward others due to prior conflicts they have encountered. Offering kind words and a smile may reverse the person's frame of mind, and allow them to take note of the negative response they are conveying to others.

Remain calm when coming in contact with a disrespectful person. Keeping composure while dealing with an agitated person allows you to think clearly and select the right words when speaking. Remaining calm also helps to keep the situation from getting out of hand, while showing the person that you are not willing to give them the negative attention they seek.

Show confidence when you are speaking to rude person. Stand with an erect posture, while relaxed, and speak in a clear, loud voice when conveying information to the person who is acting negatively. Correcting your posture and speaking clearly shows the person that you are not shying away from their response.

Ask to speak to the person who is being rude and disrespectful in a private, if the person continues to remain agitated. Express to him or her that you would like to listen to their concerns in a personal setting, rather than public, and focus on the situation at hand. Use the private moment to address the matter and dispel any misinformation the person has received.

Step away from the person for 10 minutes to calm down and regain composure, if the situation has elevated. Allow angry emotions to subside, and think of the response that will be given to the person who is being dealt with. Stepping away from a rude and disrespectful person prevents unnecessary words from being said, and gives the person a chance to cool of as well. If dealing with a rude person in a place of business, ask a co-worker to attend the customer while you step away.

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