How to Cut Fabric Letters

Updated July 20, 2017

Many crafts can be made using fabric. Everything from creating clothing to simple decorations can be done with fabric. Making fabric letters can be fairly easy and can be used for many things. With fabric letters, you can put them on your walls for decoration. You can use them to spell a child's name to put on their bedroom wall. You also can use fabric letters for monogramming or personalising everything from purses to picture frames.

Print out the letters that you need using alphabet stencils found online, using the size and font that you want to use.

Place stencil on fabric and trace the letter onto the fabric using your writing device.

Remove the stencil from the fabric.

Cut the letter out of the fabric.


Make sure to pull the fabric tight before tracing the stencil onto the fabric and before cutting the fabric to avoid tears or uneven letters. You may tape the stencil to the fabric if you cannot hold it steady before tracing it.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Letter stencil (see resources)
  • Fabric
  • Writing device (such as pen or permanent marker)
  • Scissors
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