How to Draw Fake Bullet Holes on a Piece of Paper

Updated February 21, 2017

Drawing is a fun hobby that, with time and practice, can develop into a successful career. You never know what you will be called on to draw from one project to the next, so you want to have practice in just about everything. Drawing bullet holes is not a complicated task, but adding shading to make them look three-dimensional can take some time to master. Luckily they are so small you can draw many of them in a short period of time.

Sketch a circle lightly on the paper the size of your bullet hole.

Draw a darker line around the main circle. This will be the outline of the bullet impact, and should be slightly irregular to show the damage caused by the bullet.

Draw a few cracks extending from the hole, as if the impact damaged the surrounding area.

Fill in the circle with black.

Sketch a circle lightly as you did in the first section, then sketch a slightly larger one around it.

Draw an irregular dark line around the inner circle. This will be the bullet hole.

Use the outer circle as a guide to draw a jagged starburst pattern around the bullet hole, as if the impact ripped the paper open.

Shade the tips of the starburst with a B, 2B or darker art pencil. Begin shading lightly and gradually build up colour to create a three-dimensional effect. It will look like the tips of the starburst are curling back, while the area around the bullet hole has been punched forward.

Fill in the bullet hole black.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Art pencils
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