How to Keep My Toes Warm With a Cast

Updated April 17, 2017

Wearing a cast, whether to treat fractures or to correct bone structures, takes a toll on your toes. Because your toes are left uncovered, they are exposed to outside dirt and hot or cold temperatures. To protect your toes from the elements, there are various ways you can cover them. Aside from keeping them warm, covering your toes also keeps debris, such as gravel, and sand, from entering your cast.

Wear a toe cover over your toes. Toe covers are made from fleece. They come in a large variety of colours and patterns. The covers slip over your toes and over the front part of your cast. Depending on the toe cover you purchase, secure it either over the front part of the cast, or around the back of your ankle.

Purchase a cast sock. A cast sock is made from cotton. The sock keeps your toes warm during colder months and allows air through to keep your foot cool during warmer months. A cast sock fits over your cast just as a regular sock would fit. The sock is lightweight and comes in a wide variety of sizes ranging from toddler to adult.

Look for a large sock in the hunting or fishing aisle of sporting goods stores. Find a sock that is large and stretchy enough to fit over your cast. Use a child-size knit cap as an alternative to keep your toes warm and debris at bay.


Purchase toe covers and cast socks online or inquire about them at the hospital where you had your cast put on. Get at least two covers or socks so that when you wash one, you can put the other one on.

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