How to Attach a Lariat to a Saddle

Written by bonnie conrad | 13/05/2017
How to Attach a Lariat to a Saddle
Check the rope tie before you compete. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Whether you compete on the rodeo circuit, attend local roping events or spend every day on the open range, you need to attach the lariat to your saddle properly. The western roping saddle is designed for cattle work. The saddle includes all the equipment you need to keep the lariat securely in place when it is not being used to rope a calf or chase down an errant steer.

Hold the rope on the off side of the saddle. This is the right-hand side when you are mounted.

Unbuckle the saddle rope strap and loop it counterclockwise through the rope. Make two or three passes with the strap, working the strap tight against the saddle horn as you go.

Buckle the rope strap buckle. Ensure the rope is tight against the saddle horn.

Coil the rope loop with the Honda (the small loop the rope feeds through to create the lasso) on the outside of the coil and directly in front of it. This arrangement lets you build your loop quickly in a competition.

Things you need

  • Western saddle

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