How to Tell What Gender Dwarf Rabbits Are

Updated November 21, 2016

It can be difficult to tell the sex of a dwarf rabbit, especially at a young age. It is important to be able to tell the sex of dwarf rabbits if you plan to adopt two of them. Rabbits are social animals and prefer to live in pairs, however rabbits become sexually mature at three months of age and are capable of producing large litters that may be difficult to find homes for. Ensure that this does not happen by sexing a rabbit before you agree to buy it. Keep males and females apart until they have been neutered.

Sit on a chair with the dwarf rabbit on your knee. Ensure that the rabbit is calm, as an anxious male rabbit can retract its testacles, making it difficult to tell it apart from a female.

Lay the rabbit on its back with its head supported in the crook of one arm. This will give you a clear view of the dwarf's genitals. Dwarf rabbits are small and can easily be held in one hand if necessary.

Look for a pair of hairless testicles, which may be hidden by long fur. These will be positioned between the genitals and the stomach, rather than below the genitals like most other mammals.

Place a finger on either side of the rabbit's genitals and press down gently until the genitals pop up. Examine the organ to determine whether it is a female's vulva or a male's penis. The vulva has a slit-like opening, whereas the penis has a round opening.


Do not assume that a pet store clerk will be able to sex a rabbit correctly.

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