How to Stop a Puppy From Peeing & Pooping Inside

Updated November 21, 2016

Stop your puppy from pooping and peeing inside the house with the use of toilet training. Once your puppy understands where you want it to go to the toilet this will become a habit for life, according to The Kennel Club. Keep in mind that while your puppy is still learning it is likely that there will be the occassional accident. It is important that you deal with any accidents in the correct way to avoid hindering your puppy's progress.

Take your puppy outside immediately after waking, meals, an active play session and just before you go to bed. Aim to take your puppy out at least once every two hours as its digestive system is very easily stimulated at this age.

Wait outside for five minutes with your puppy to give it chance to go to the toilet. Reward it with verbal praise when it successfully passes waste outdoors and introduce the phrases "go pee" and "go potty" as the puppy is carrying out the action. If after five minutes the puppy has not eliminated take it back inside for five minutes and then try again.

Correct your puppy if you catch it eliminating indoors by saying "no" in a firm tone of voice. Take the puppy outside to the toilet area and praise it if it manages to finish passing outside. Avoid scolding your puppy if you do not catch it in the process of eliminating, as the puppy will not understand.

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