How to Get Rid of the Buzzing on a TV

Updated April 17, 2017

The speakers on a television set are puny compared with stand-alone models and, as a result, are more susceptible to electrical noise and power-grid interference. Sometimes this can create a buzzing sound that is caused by the interaction of the electrical signal and the audio signal. Getting rid of the noise does not require disassembling the TV. You will need a few supplies from an electronics store as well as access to the Internet.

Condition the electricity being fed into the television by first placing an electric line conditioner next to the outlet where the TV is plugged into. Pull the TV's plug out of the outlet and plug it into one of the outlets on the conditioner. Plug the conditioner's power cord into the outlet the TV plug was just taken out of. Turn the conditioner's power switch to "On."

Press the "Menu" button on the Internet-enabled TV, using its remote, to access a firmware update that will get rid of the buzzing. Select the "Options" or "Advanced" menu -- depending on the set -- followed by the "Firmware" or "Update Firmware" menu. Select "Update," followed by "Yes" if a confirmation screen appears. Select "Yes" to reboot the TV when prompted.

Cool down the electronics inside the TV that are overheating by first placing a fan next to one of the vents on its side or back. Plug the fan's power cord into a wall outlet and turn the fan on. Direct the stream of air from the fan at the vent.


Periodically clean out the vents on any TV to remove loose dust that might block the flow of air.


A USB-powered fan can be used if there are any such inputs on the TV that is being cooled.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric line conditioner
  • Internet access
  • TV remote
  • Fan
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