How to Convert MG to MMOL/L

Written by spencer hope davis | 13/05/2017
How to Convert MG to MMOL/L
Writing down equations is helpful when converting milligrams to millimoles. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Converting milligrams per litre (mg/L) to millimoles per litre (mmol/L) establishes the molecular weight of a substance in a litre. A gram (g) measures the absolute weight of a mass. A milligram is a measurement unit that represents 1/1000 of 1g. Thus, 1000mg are in 1g. A mole measures the amount of a substance or chemical in a mass. Conversely, 1mmol represents 1/1000 of 1 mole. Thus, 1000mmol are in 1 mole. Converting milligrams per litre (mg/L) into millimoles per litre requires completing a calculation based on the information you have for total milligrams and the molecular weight of the subject chemical.

Find the specific molecular weight, or moles, of your substance. For example, the molecular weight of blood sugar, or glucose, is 180.15588g/mol. A molecular weight calculator is linked in the Resources section.

Convert moles to millimoles. The conversion equation is 1(molecular weight)/ 1000 = mmol. Many diabetics use this equation to understand the milligrams to millimoles factor for glucose measurement. With the weight of glucose added, the equation is 1(180.15588)/1000 = 0.18015588mmol.

Convert millimoles to grams per unit. The equation for the calculation using glucose is 0.001mg/0.18015588 = 0.0055074 moles in each gram of the preferred liquid.

Place the numbers in the primary equation, and plug in your numbers. The equation is mg/L x (moles per gram of requested chemical x 10) = mmol/L.

The final equation to convert milligrams per litre to millimoles per litre, using the information found for glucose, is 1mg/L x (0.0055074 x10) = mmol/L.


Use the correct units of measurement in calculations.

Tips and warnings

  • Use the correct units of measurement in calculations.

Things you need

  • Chart of molecular weight
  • Calculator

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