How to Configure an Android Weather Widget

Updated April 17, 2017

When Google released version 2.1 of the Android operating system, they included a News & Weather widget. The News & Weather widget is actually two different widgets, one for news headlines and the other to give weather information. The Weather widget can be configured and displayed independent of the News widget.

Press and hold an empty location on your Android home screen. Tap "Widgets" from the "Add To Home Screen" pop-up window.

Scroll to "News and Weather" and tap it. Tap "Weather" to configure the Weather widget.

Touch the "Check My Location" box to use Android's location services, including network location and GPS if available, to determine your location and display the weather for that location dynamically. Tap "Set Location" and enter a city name or postcode into the text box to display the weather for a static location.

Tap "Use Metric" to switch between metric values for temperature and wind speed, or for imperial values. Press the "Previous Screen" button to return to the home screen. The Weather widget is displayed on the screen.


To change settings after you add the widget to your home screen, tap the widget, then press the "Menu" button and choose "Settings." Touch "Weather Settings" to adjust the settings of the Weather widget.

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