How to Know When a Sony Walkman Digital MP3 Player Is Charging?

Updated February 21, 2017

Sony Walkman MP3 players have a battery indicator used to show the amount of battery charge they have remaining and, when they're connected to a computer, show that the battery is charging. You should know how to tell when a Sony Walkman MP3 player is charging so you can make sure the player is properly connected to the computer, and get optimal use from your device by keeping it charged and not draining its battery.

Plug the large end of the supplied USB cable into the power jack on the bottom of the Sony Walkman digital MP3 player and connect the standard size end of the USB cable into an open USB jack on your computer.

Look at the bottom right corner of the S Series Walkman or the top right corner of the E Series Walkman for the battery icon. The bars in the battery icon will move from right to left as the battery is charging.

Check the battery icon for the word "Full." The battery is fully charged when "Full" appears in the icon. Remove the USB cable from the MP3 player.

Plug the small, square end of the supplied USB cable into the power jack on the headphone with "Sony" written on it and plug the standard size USB end of the cable into an open USB port on your computer.

Observe the status light on the headphone with "Sony" written on it. The light will blink while the Walkman is charging.

Remove the USB cord from the W Series Walkman when the status light stops blinking and remains lit. The battery is fully charged when the status light stays on.

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