How to Change Channels in the VLC Media Player

Updated February 21, 2017

When you are watching a video with VLC, the free media player from VideoLAN, you might want to change the audio channels, depending on how the video file's audio was configured. For example, if you are watching a video and only the left channel's audio is playing, you can switch it to play only the right channel, or play the audio in stereo. Sometimes people create video files with one language in the left channel, and a second language translation in the right channel, instead of creating a second audio track, if they are trying to keep the file size small. You can easily change audio channels in VLC.

Launch VLC on your computer.

Drag a video file from a folder on your computer into the VLC playlist.

Double-click the video to start playing it.

Click "Audio" from the VLC menu, and then click "Audio Channels."

Click "Stereo" if you want to change the audio channels to play in stereo mode from the left and right speakers. Click "Left" if you want to change to the left audio channel. Click "Right" if you want to change to the right audio channel. Click "Reverse Stereo" if you want to play the left channel's audio from your computer's right speaker, and the right channel's audio from the left speaker.

Click "Audio," then click "Audio Track," and then click a different audio track from the drop-down menu, such as "Track 2" or "Track 3" if you want to listen to a different audio track, such as a director's commentary audio track or a different language, when multiple audio tracks are available.

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