How to Tell the Sex of a Chameleon

Updated November 21, 2016

Sex your chameleon by looking for physical characteristics that apply to your species. While some chameleon species can be sexed from a young age, others will only show gender characteristics during puberty. As a responsible reptile owner, it is important for you to find out if your chameleon is a male or female to ensure that you provide an ideal environment for your pet. The female chameleon will lay eggs between two and three times every year, even if they do not mate with a male. If the female is not provided with a suitable place to lay its eggs, it will avoid laying, which can be fatal, according to UK Chameleons. Place a 6-inch-deep box full of sand on the floor of the enclosure for your female to lay eggs in.

Sex your veiled or Yemen chameleon at any age by inspecting its hind feet. Look for a small spur on the heel of each foot. This is a small but noticeable bump on the back of the heel, which indicates that the chameleon is a male.

Determine the sex of your Jackson's chameleon from the age of three months, which is when the chameleon reaches puberty. Pay attention to the chameleons head, as this is where you will find the physical characteristics that display the gender. Look for two horns spouting from just above the eyes on the merumontanus Jackson's. The male will have noticeable horns, whereas the female's horns will be diminished or nonexistent. Look for two large horns, one in front of the other on the head of your xamtholophus Jackson's chameleon. Large horns indicate that the chameleon is male, whereas a small bump indicates it is a female.

Observe your pet's colouration and size to sex your panther chameleon from the age of 3 months and older. Note whether your chameleon has generally bright colours like a male, or whether it tends to sport darker colours like a female. Check the size of the chameleon, as males will grow noticeably larger than females. Look underneath the tail to check for a penal bulge where the tail meets the body, as is an indication that it is male.

Take your chameleon to see a veterinarian who specialises in reptiles if you are still unable to tell the sex of your chameleon. Ask the veterinarian to perform an endoscopic examination to determine the gender of your pet.

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