How to stress painted wood with two colors

Updated February 21, 2017

Stressed painted wood makes furniture look antique. You can achieve this look over time by naturally wearing out the paint on the furniture. Alternatively, sand the paint off and actually wear out furniture to create a faux antique look. Stress painted wood with two colours in the same way you would for items painted one colour.

Sand the paint off the edges of the furniture and in areas that would naturally wear out, such as arm rests, seats and the backs of chairs. Sand knobs and the edges of table and chest legs. Sand these areas gently so you are removing some but not all of the paint. Use fine sandpaper.

Hit the piece of furniture with a sharp rock to pit it and create little nicks. Do this around the entire piece. Choose random points to create convincing wear and tear.

Scratch the paint off with the edge of a nail. Do this in random areas around the piece of wood furniture.

Hit the piece of furniture with a heavy chain. Drag it across the furniture to create varied wear marks.

Things You'll Need

  • Fine sandpaper
  • Sharp rocks
  • Nails
  • Heavy chain
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