How to Make a Preserved Photo Resin Paperweight

Updated February 21, 2017

Preserving a photo in a resin paperweight is an enjoyable crafts project that produces a piece of art that could provide decades of enjoyment. Using a clear polyester resin, you can place a photo into the centre of a paperweight. The resin keeps the photograph fully visible while protecting it from the elements as long as the polyester remains unbroken. This keeps your photo as clear and bright as it is the day you encase it.

Choose a mould that is large enough to hold the photo centred in the created resin block and that creates a block of resin in the size and shape you desire for display of the photo.

Place the mould onto a flat surface, then spray the interior with a mould release spray to make removing the formed resin block easier.

Mix the two-part clear polyester resin in a large cup using a wooden stir stick. Consult the resin manufacturer's instructions on the ratio of the two resin components to use when mixing. Mix only enough resin to fill half the mould to avoid wastage.

Fill the bottom half of the mould with the clear resin. Wait 20 to 30 minutes for the resin to begin to gel. This half of the mould is the top of your display block.

Place the photo onto the gelled resin facedown so that the picture is turned to the part of the mould that will become the top of the block. Make sure the photo is positioned within the block as desired.

Mix a second batch of resin and pour it over the photo, filling the mould in the process.

Spray the exposed rear of the resin with a polyester curing spray, as the rear of the resin will not cure to complete hardness when exposed to air. The curing spray acts as a sealer, blocking the air from reaching the exposed resin. Allow the resin to cure to hardness overnight.

Gently turn over the mould and peel it away from the resin block contained inside. The result will be a solid block of clear resin with the photo embedded inside.

Wipe the resin clean of any mould release agent with a damp cloth, then buff the surface with a buffing sponge to clear the surface of the resin further and make the photo more visible within the block.


Use resin in a well-ventilated area.

Things You'll Need

  • Resin mould
  • Mold release spray
  • Two-part clear polyester resin
  • Cup
  • Wooden stir stick
  • Polyester curing spray
  • Cloth
  • Buffing sponge
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