How to Cook Frozen Waffles in the Toaster

If you have a busy schedule and need a quick morning meal option, frozen waffles are a great option. You can find frozen waffles at most grocery stores in a variety of flavours. Health-conscious options, such as whole-grain waffles or gluten-free varieties, are readily available. Despite the fact that the waffles are frozen, they do not require thawing before toasting. Frozen waffles are made to cook directly in a toaster.

Remove the frozen waffles from the box in which they were sold and take the waffles out of the individual wrapper if they come in one. In most instances, frozen waffle wrappers can be removed by pulling the two sides of the wrapper apart at one end.

Place one waffle in each slot on the toaster in which you want to cook the waffles. Turn the temperature setting on the toaster to the lowest available setting. On many toasters, the temperature setting is at the base of the toaster beneath the lever used to lower food items into the toaster, and the lowest setting is at the far left.

Push the lever down to lower the waffles into the toaster. Allow the toaster to cook the waffles for a full cycle on the lowest setting. When the toasting is finished, the waffles pop out of the toaster on their own.

Return the waffles to the toaster a second time if the waffles do not appear golden brown when the pop back up. In many instances, frozen waffles require two cycles in order to heat through completely and brown on the outside.

Remove the waffles from the toaster when they appear golden brown. If the waffles are too hot for you to remove by hand, use tongs to grab the top of each waffle and pull it from the toaster. Do not stick a fork or knife into the toaster to remove the waffles, which can lead to electric shock.

Things You'll Need

  • Tongs
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