How to Use Durex Tingling

Updated February 21, 2017

Durex Play Tingling is a special type of mint-scented lubricant that can create a numbing, tingling sensation for its users; it is designed to intensify sexual pleasure. An added bonus of this lubricant is that it can soothe vaginal dryness and minimise discomfort during sexual activity. The product can be used safely along with a condom; the company has a related line of condoms available called Durex Tingle. Introduced in 2005, the lubricants and condoms have been a success for Durex.

Twist off the lubricant's lid.

Twist the product's pump into position. It will spring into place when twisted far enough.

Push down on the pump to dispense your desired amount of product.

Rub the lubricant into the desired areas of the body. The product can be used anywhere on the body, but avoid contact between the lubricant and your eyes.

Wash the product off with water when you are finished. It is water soluble, so it will come off easily.


The lubricant does not contain menthol, and is fragrance free. Store the product away from heat and light. Use the product within three months of unsealing it. The product will not create stains, and is not sticky. Lubricants can reduce the risk of vaginal tearing.


Always use protection when engaging in sexual activity in order to reduce your risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Durex Play Tingling does not include spermicide, so it cannot prevent pregnancy. It also cannot prevent STDs. Flush your eyes with cold water if you accidentally get lubricant in them. Do not use the product if it causes irritation to your skin.

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