How to Train a Dog to Stop Being Jealous

Updated March 24, 2017

A dog can be jealous of other dogs or of people. Signs of jealousy may simply be annoying, such as whining or barking. However, jealous behaviour in dogs also can be more serious, such as chewing your furniture, urinating indoors or displaying signs of aggression. To help stop these behaviours, you need to work diligently at training your dog to stop being jealous.

Take your dog to the vet. What you think is jealousy might actually be a medical condition. Jealousy also can cause severe stress and anxiety in a dog, which can lead to medical problems.

Give your dog more attention when your routine changes. Jealousy in dogs can sometimes be caused by a change in routine that takes you away from the dog, such as a changed work schedule or a new baby.

Introduce your dog to new pets and people in a neutral territory, not at your house.

Continue to give your dog attention when the new person or pet is first introduced. Do not fall all over a new pet in front of your dog before the two meet, and avoid ignoring your dog completely for a person.

Introduce new pets to your dog slowly. Keep them apart for several days or weeks while feeding them on opposite sides of a door. Start by introducing the dog to the new pet for short periods, such as 20 minutes, and gradually increase this time.

Reward good behaviour with more affection and treats. Your dog will learn that good behaviour leads to reward and slowly, the jealous behaviour should subside.

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