How to make bellatrix lestrange's wand

Updated February 21, 2017

Bellatrix Lestrange is one of the villains in the "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling. In the story, her wand is made of walnut and dragon heartstring and is 12 ¾-inches long. Her original wand was not perfectly straight, but rather had a slight bend at the middle of the wand. Make a Bellatrix Lestrange wand for your personal collection or for a costume.

Look for a wooden stick slightly larger than 13 inches with a natural bend to it. The original wand had a slight bend near the middle. Since Bellatrix Lestrange's wand is made of walnut, using a stick from a walnut tree is best, but if walnut is not available, any wood stick will work as long as it is bent in the middle and the diameter is close to the size of two fingers. If the wood has a knot in it at the bend, a diameter around the size of one finger is fine.

Remove any bark from the stick. If necessary, peel the bark off with the carving knife.

Measure the wand. Bellatrix Lestrange's wand is 12 ¾ inches long. Check that the wand is the appropriate length. Since you got a slightly larger stick, cut it down to size by trimming the two sides and shaping the ends to a slightly rounded shape.

Carve the stick into a wand. With the carving knife, scrape the bark along the wood grain and adjust the natural shape of the stick to form a tapered end on one side. Shape the middle bend to look like a knot in the wood if it does not already form a knot. If it forms a knot already, round off the end opposite the tapered end and scrape off the bark to make it slightly smaller. The thicker wood used to make a knotted shape will require more carving and shaping to make the wand about the diameter of your index finger. Leave the handle slightly thicker than the tapered tip of the want.

Sand the wand. Use a fine-grit sandpaper and rub it along the grain of the wood. Continue rubbing until the wood feels smooth to the touch. Blow on the wood to remove any remaining wood dust from the wand.

Apply a stain if necessary. If the wood is not walnut, you'll need to get a walnut coloured wood stain and paint it on. Allow it to dry for about an hour and paint a second coat of stain to give the wood the appearance of walnut. If the wood is already walnut, you do not need to stain it.

Paint on a wood finish. The finish is a product to seal the wood and protect it. Paint the wand and allow the finish to dry. It takes around one to two hours to dry, depending on the specific finishing product.

Things You'll Need

  • Walnut stick or similar wood stick
  • Carving knife
  • Measuring tape
  • Sand paper
  • Wood stain (optional)
  • Paintbrush
  • Wood finish
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