How to polish chrome scratches

Chrome looks great, is resistant to rust and harder to damage. But that does not mean it is without problems. In fact, chrome does suffer from scratches sometimes. Fortunately, when you do have scratches in your chrome it is usually possible to buff them out with chrome polisher and some extremely fine-grade steel wool.

Clean the scratched area thoroughly so there is no dirt, grit or other unwanted material in the area. Make sure that the area where you will be polishing is in the shade and ventilated.

Apply chrome polish to the scratched area. Read the instructions on the bottle and apply the polish either straight out of the bottle or with a clean cloth. Apply the polish to a small area, no more than a few square inches at a time.

Buff the scratched area in small, concentric circles with the steel wool. Apply more polish whenever the layer of polish gets thin. Continue buffing until the scratches are gone. Wipe off the polish with a clean towel. Repeat the same process with all other scratched areas until they are buffed out.

Things You'll Need

  • 0000 grade steel wool
  • Chrome polisher
  • Clean towels
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