How to Remove Scorch Marks From Wood

Distinguished for their custom detailing, longevity and overall performance, solid wood items are lifetime investments. Although sturdy, wood is not impenetrable, as hot items can burn or char its surface. Wood tables and countertops are known to acquire scorch marks from burning cigarette ash from careless smokers. Scorch marks instantly blemish wood's appearance and decrease its value. Eliminating scorch marks from wood is vital to restoring its original semblance. Basic ingredients can remove scorch marks from wood.

Fill a bowl with 1/4-cup of rottenstone. Using a spoon, mix 2 tbsp of linseed oil into the rottenstone. Stir the mixture together to create a creamy paste.

Dip a soft rag into the homemade paste. Rub the paste vigorously across the scorched wood, detaching as much charred material as possible. Always rub parallel to the natural grain lines.

Continue scrubbing the paste over the scorched wood until the blemish is removed. Prepare more homemade paste if necessary using the prior techniques.

Moisten another soft rag with fresh linseed oil. Wipe the oily rag over the wood's surface to remove the paste residue.

Buff the wood with a third soft rag to restore the surface with shine.


Substitute moistened cigarette or cigar ash for rottenstone. Have a professional wood refinisher repair badly scorched wood.


Do not apply coarse abrasives, knives or other metal products to the scorched wood; it will scratch.

Things You'll Need

  • Bowl
  • 1/4-cup rottenstone
  • Spoon
  • 2 tbsp linseed oil
  • 3 soft rags
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