How to Build a Daily Appointment Calendar in Excel

Updated February 21, 2017

A daily calendar can be used to keep track of planned activities and important daily appointments, such as visits to a doctor or a dentist. Microsoft Excel is a computer program that allows people to automate formatting tasks and create daily or monthly calendars using a worksheet. The calendars may then be printed off the computer and kept in folders or hung by a magnet to the refrigerator. The papers may also be turned into a daily appointment calendar book and kept in sight on a work desk or left on the computer.

Click the "File" option in Microsoft Excel's toolbar menu.

Click the "New" option under the file menu. A sidebar will pop up next to the document's spreadsheet.

Click the "My Computer" option on the sidebar.

Click "Template" and then browse through the calendar templates that are available.

Click on the template of your choice. If there is not a daily appointment calendar template that you are happy with, then you may go online to find one and load it to your Microsoft Excel program. Do this by clicking the "Office Online" option and browsing through the available online templates. Click "Download" and then select the template in your Microsoft Excel program.

Click the "OK" option after the template is highlighted. Use the daily schedule calendar on the computer or print it out and use it on paper.

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