How to make cupcake socks

Cupcakes are popular desserts because the individual servings make for a convenient and practical alternative to cakes. Some creative people have taken inspiration from cupcakes to make party decorations or gifts. One material they commonly use to make fake cupcakes is a pair of socks. Cupcake socks can be made with any size of socks, but if you use adult-sized socks, the cupcakes may be too large for the cupcake paper liners. In this case, simply tie a thick ribbon around the base of the sock to make it look more cake-like.

Turn both socks wrong side out. Set one sock aside.

Turn the cuff of one sock down once to the ankle. Open the sock with one hand and reach down inside the sock with the other hand. Pull the toe of the sock up into the folded cuff. Arrange the sock inside the cuff so that the toe of the sock puffs up slightly like a real cupcake. Make sure the bottom cuff of the sock points up, rather than down.

Repeat the process for the other sock; however, instead of pulling the toe all the way up inside the cuff, leave a small hole inside the sock.

Place the first sock inside the hole in the second sock. Pull the cuff of the second sock up around the cuff of the first sock to make a stacked set of socks. Adjust the placement of either sock so that it looks like a cupcake with icing on top.

Place the cupcake sock inside a cupcake paper. Use a large adhesive glue dot to hold the cupcake paper to the sock cupcake. You could also use blutack to get the paper to stick. Don't use glue or else you won't be able to wear the socks.

Things You'll Need

  • Cupcake papers
  • Large glue dots
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