Tile cutting jigsaw blades

Updated February 21, 2017

A powered jigsaw, also known as a powered scroll saw, is a hand-held power tool which uses a reciprocating blade. The jigsaw propels the blade in a rapid up-and-down movement with the cutting edge placed against the surface to be cut, in the same fashion that a hacksaw cuts. Tile cutting jigsaw blades have refined carbide teeth that are more like pieces of coarse sandpaper grit. These jigsaw blades are made specifically to cut through tile substances like ceramic or porcelain.

Tile cutting jigsaw blades

Locate a jigsaw blade specifically made to cut tile. These blades will have impregnated bits of carbide chips as teeth and are at any hardware store or online.

Place a tile cutting jigsaw blade into the chuck of your jigsaw, teeth facing out and away from the jigsaw body.

Turn the jigsaw on and place at the cut sight on the tile. Press the blade against the tile and begin the cut. The blade will cut slowly and will need to be cooled and lubricated with water almost constantly. For cutting tile more than 1cm (1/4-inch) thick, you must use cutting oil instead of water for cooling and lubricating.

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