How to find auctions in my area

Written by jessica jewell | 13/05/2017
How to find auctions in my area
Auctions are a centuries-old tradition throughout the United States. (Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

An auction is a way to sell a good or asset to the highest bidder. Auctions take place every day throughout the United States and the goods or assets for sale are numerous and varied. They range from antiques to repossessed cars, defaulted self-storage containers and even real estate. With the help of the correct search tools, you can quickly find auctions that are scheduled in your area.

Visit the Auction Zip website. This is a free, online search engine that lists almost all available auctions by Postcode for a particular date. While you can certainly find auction listings in your local newspaper, Auction Zip is comprehensive and lists auctions as much as a month in advance.

Enter your search criteria in the appropriate boxes. You can search for auctions within 30 miles and as far as 500 miles from your area. Type in your Postcode and select a category from the drop-down menu. If you don't have a specific category in mind, select "All Auction Categories."

Press the "Search" button.

Look at the information on the landing page. It will have a calendar view of auctions taking place in your area during the current month. You can click on the name of the next month, which is located at the top right of the calendar, if you want to search for future auctions. For each day in the calendar, you will see a number followed by the word "Auctions," such as "5 Auctions."

Click on a particular date when you would like to go to an auction. You will go to another new page that gives you specific details about the auctions available on those dates. The details should include what type of auction it is, whether it is public or private, and its location and time.

Click on "Return to Calendar" if you want to go back to the main calendar to search for auctions on a different date.

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