How to write a letter requesting volunteers

Updated November 21, 2016

Various non-profit organisations rely on both the financial and physical support of donors and volunteers. If you need manpower to produce an event, to sell fundraising products or for typical clean-up, oftentimes all you have to do is ask. Many people are willing to help but may not know how or what needs to be done. Preparing a letter that motivates people to volunteer is an effective means of acquiring the assistance your organisation needs.

Type your organisation's name, address, telephone number and website, if applicable, into the upper right-hand corner of a blank word-processing document. Press the "Enter" key two times and type the letter recipient's name and contact information. Send letters to previous volunteers and organisation members, or their parents, to ask for assistance. Those directly involved in the organisation may be more willing to help, but friends, neighbours and organisation affiliates may provide manpower as well.

Greet the recipient after pressing "Enter" two more times by typing "Dear ____." Press "Enter two more times to begin the letter's body paragraphs.

Begin the letter by announcing the event and how that person may become involved. Start with a catchy sentence that focuses the recipient and motivates him to continue reading. Continue with describing the upcoming event requiring volunteers.

In the following paragraph, describe the organisation's goals and its continued contributions to the community. Attempt to create a personal attachment between the organisation and the letter recipient by stating how the club potentially assists their families both directly and indirectly.

Include information about the project's goals and volunteer requirements in the final paragraph. List contact information for questions and how the person may go about volunteering her assistance.

End the letter by closing with "Best Regards" or "Sincerely" and the requester's full name, signature and title within the organisation.

Preview the letter and ensure that all text is grammatically correct, contains no spelling errors and flows well from paragraph to paragraph. Print a test page, check for adequate spacing and revise as necessary. Print one letter for each potential volunteer, ensuring that the contact information and greeting are changed with each printing.


Alleviate the need to rewrite recipient contact information by including only a general greeting at the start of the letter.

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