How to reduce fibrocystic nodules

Updated April 17, 2017

Fibrocystic nodules are noncancerous but often painful lumps and cysts in the breasts. Fibrocystic nodules are caused by blockages in the breast ducts, which cause a build-up of fluid. These blockages often lead to scar tissue or fibrous tissue, which is the source of the often painful lumps. Despite myths that fibrocystic nodules create an increased risk for breast cancer, experts at the Mayo Clinic say that such claims are so far unsubstantiated.

See your family physician about any new changes in your breasts before pursuing treatment on your own. Ask your family physician about medication options for reducing the symptoms of fibrocystic nodules. Danazol, a medication commonly prescribed for endometriosis, has also shown successful symptomatic relief for fibrocystic nodules.

Wait for fibrocystic nodules to resolve on their own. If they do not resolve in a timely manner, your family physician may refer you to a specialist.

Treat nodules symptomatically. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen have shown to reduce swelling and tenderness. Consult your physician when taking NSAIDs for an extended length of time.

Try oral vitamins such as vitamin B6 or evening primrose oil for symptomatic relief of fibrocystic breasts. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer for over-the-counter vitamin B6. Take 1,000 mg of evening primrose oil two to three times daily as directed by your physician.

Try reducing caffeine and salt in your diet to reduce your symptoms. You can also try taking an over- the-counter iodine supplement to reduce your risk of future development of fibrocystic nodules.

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