How to paint on fondant icing

Updated April 17, 2017

While fondant can be bought in a variety of colours, from neon to classic shades, painting on the icing can add a finishing touch to a dessert. Metallic swirls or tiny details can be added, from edible food paints to intricate or plain cakes. This also is a means of decorating a cake which has only been covered in plain white fondant or to personalise it for extra decoration. From writing to patterns to images, painting on fondant adds intricate detailing to even the most decorated cakes.

Mark out the main lines on the printed image, such as the outline of an animal or the main features of a face, with a pen to accentuate them.

Draw out the general shape of the image you desire, from the lines you marked out, on the fondant using the main colour of the image with the edible paints and a very small paintbrush.

Paint on the rest of the image, using the already marked out lines as guides.

Wipe off any mistakes or dripping paint with the damp paper towel.

Add the smallest details or darken a colour using the toothpick.

Dry the painted areas of fondant for one hour before serving the cake.


Try to paint directly on the dessert as often as possible, rather than placing the painted fondant on after it has been decorated, as the images can stretch. Thin paints with drips of alcohol, never water.


Do not use a blow dryer to dry the images, as it can make the paint run. Only use paintbrushes that are for food purposes and have not been cleaned or touched by chemicals.

Things You'll Need

  • Printed image
  • Pen
  • Rolled fondant, or fondant covered cake
  • Edible paint (alcohol-based)
  • Range of paintbrush sizes
  • Toothpicks
  • Damp paper towel
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