How to Make a Rainforest Poster

Updated April 17, 2017

Rainforests, the largest of which are found around the Amazon River, West Central Africa and Southeast Asia, are home to about half of the world's species. They offer a multitude of fascinating plants and animals to feature in a poster. Learning about creatures who live in the rainforest, under threat from deforestation, will help you better understand environmental issues and why the animals and plants you choose to feature are so important to the planet. One advantage about rainforests is many of the plants and animals that live there are very colourful, so the poster will be eye-catching as well as educational.

Find pictures of animals and plants that dwell in the rainforest. Use images of endangered species such as the brightly-coloured Macaw (the world's largest parrot) in South America or the orang-utans and tigers of Southeast Asia. Add unusual plants such as the giant South American Kapok tree or rare orchids found in rainforests across the world.

Tear the pages out of magazines or print them from the Internet onto white paper. Include lots of large leaves in the images. If you've found clipart images, colour them appropriately with paint or felt-tip pens.

Cut out plants and animals with a craft knife or scissors.

Glue some of the large leaves and plants on to the poster board and layer animal cut-outs on top of them. Put tree-dwelling animals near the top of the poster and ground dwelling ones at the bottom. Glue them in place.

Glue more leaves and plants on top of those already attached so the animals appear to be peeking out of a forest canopy.

Write a message or slogan about the rainforest on a piece of white paper with coloured pens and attach it to the top or bottom of the poster, such as: "Every minute we lose an area of rainforest 29 times the size of the Pentagon" or "The rainforest is home to more than half the world's species."


Select one region of the world's rainforest and stick to species from there. Do not mix Asian and American animals and plants in the same poster.

Things You'll Need

  • Pictures of rainforest plants and animals
  • White paper
  • Sissors or craft knife
  • Coloured felt-tip pens
  • Coloured craft paints and brush (optional)
  • Green poster board
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