How to Keep a Male Dog Away From a Female in Heat

If your female dog is in heat, male dogs in your neighbourhood will know and will try to get to her in order to mate. Intact male dogs can be persistent in this situation, and keeping them at bay can be a problem. Never underestimate the determination of a male dog when a female is in heat. In order to keep male dogs away from a female in heat, follow the guidelines below.

Close the windows. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), male dogs are capable of detecting a female in heat for up to five miles away. By closing the windows you will minimise the amount of scent in the air, making it less likely that a line of males will arrive at your door. If your female dog lives outdoors, never let her outside alone, even in a fenced-in yard.

Ask your vet about administering chlorophyll tables if you own a female dog in heat and want to keep male dogs away. According to veterinary surgeon Christopher Day, chlorophyll tablets can help mask, or at least disguise, the scent of a female in heat.

Invest in a couple of pairs of dog breeches. These are special pads for females in heat that prevent messes in your home, as well as block penetration, therefore preventing unwanted pregnancies. These panties are not 100% effective, so don't depend fully upon them, explains Edna Katie Gammill, an AKC.

Keep your dog under control at all times. If you own a male dog in addition to your female, secure your female dog by keeping her crated or in a separate room. If she needs to go out, keep her on her leash, and never leave her outside unsupervised when she is in heat. When you take her for walks, carry a spray bottle of water, which can be used to deter males.


Know your female dog's heat cycle so you can prepare. Be especially careful your dog does not escape during her cycle. Avoid the problem altogether by spaying your dog. Consider boarding your male dog if you are not able to keep him away. Car rides are preferable over walks if you need to take your dog to local destinations.


Never leave your female dog unattended while in heat. Don't forget to keep gates, fences and doors always closed. Avoid at all costs the dog park or other places where your female is likely to encounter intact males.

Things You'll Need

  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Chlorophyll tablets
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Dog "breeches"
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